Dental Train – 60″x 28″


A Locomotive made out of tootpaste?! And a Sink?! Yep! All aboard the DENTAL EXPRESS!! Definitely reminds kids about the importance of brushing! This cool 4D mural can add a real WOW to any Train Themed Dental office! Please inquire about sizes available.  Stay “on track” with the Dental Express!

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60″L x 28″ H x 3″D. Thats right, this foam fabricated, polyurethane resin coated sculpture is only 3″ thick!  Wall mounting brackets, and wood for track accents are included.

**For safety all sculptures are coated with E84 Class A or Class B fire rated polyurethane resin, composite clay and epoxies.

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Dimensions 60 x 3 x 28 in