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Gio is a curious and jovial little adventurer with a grand imagination and a constant need for discovery. Gio is a charming and fun loving little guy with a big imagination. He may be small, but he has a big heart and he is waiting to share all that he has learned with you. Come on in and let the fun begin!



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Gio and The Cookie Dough Monster

Written and Illustrated By: Steve Morrone

“But Mommy I didn’t, I didn’t eat the dough”…

Gio and The Cookie Dough Monster is the creation of Author and Illustrator, Steve Morrone. Gio is a cute little guy with BIG life lessons to learn. Follow him as he tries to “help” his Mommy make some cookies. This usually involves Gio sneaking at least one nibble of the cookie dough, even though his Mommy tells him “NO!”  It’s not until the arrival of an unlikely visitor who catches Gio in the act, does he realize he has not been honest with his Mommy, and it’s time to make things right again. This visually stimulating book has over 40 pages, along with 30 colorful illustrations for children to enjoy. Get ready to fall in love with Gio.



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