• 17022238_10154562022282515_5964040183125675243_n_mini
  • bigtooth_mini
  • IMG_2607_mini
  • Legoroom1_mini
  • LegoroomLED_mini
  • Holdbrook_sign_mini
  • PenguinHeads_mini
  • LegoCloud_mini
  • Skylight_Scene_mini
  • IMG_2606_mini
  • LegoLongbench_mini
  • RollingLego1_mini

This project allowed us to stretch our talents in new directions. We created some very unique pieces in a variety of fabrication media.  Finished pieces included everything from a custom sign on the outside of the building and a giant tooth in the entranceway, to custom made upholstered block furniture and custom exam table. We also created a collection of custom logo branding and other unique artwork throughout the space, including  themed LED signage, a block cloud and a giant butterfly.

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